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Javelina Harley-Davidson® is located in Boerne, Texas. Our mission is to successfully fulfill customer's dreams of personal freedom while giving back to our local communities. Stop by and check out the new and pre-owned models that we have to offer. Javelina Harley-Davidson® also has all the latest styles that MotorClothes® has to offer and our service and parts department are always ready to equip your Harley-Davidson® with whatever you need to get you on the road.

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Latest Reviews

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Doug Miller
Eddie and Chuck took great care me this is the only service department Ill trust, they always get my bike finished on time. They always communicate with me every step of the way, great team and great department. (Employee: Edward Dunbar III, Chuck Abbey)
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Rene Sanchez
The entire team made this experience fun and easy. When I showed up the service team was ready for my upgrades. By the time the ink was dry my bike was fueled up and ready to roll. Ring the bell and twist the throttle! Thanks guys. (Employee: Gino Guerrero, Eddie Perez, Nicole Milnes, Zac Ortiz, Israel Martinez)
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Sean Wegmann
If I could give them 10 stars I would. We had the best experience buying my husbands motorcycle here. Roland was recommended by a friend and he really was the best! We will be back again for our next motorcycle! Thanks guys! Everyone we encountered that worked there was top notch! (Employee: Roland Villanueva)
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dan stone
Though I have rode Harley's from sportster, to a Tri-glide , some from dealerships, some from individuals- I recent purchase a street glide from Javelina Harley - I 77 yr old, so most likely this be my last - I had been in that dealership years past, still had a card from one employee that no longer works there, but refered me to Eddie - I went to dealership few day later as I see bike on the website I interested in - Eddie, quite the professional, very knowledgeable, courteous, likeable individual, when we shook hands on a deal - I had already visited Eddie enough to know I liked him, silly to some I suspect but for several years now I don't do business with anyone I do not care for personally - Nicole became involved - while Eddie&Niclole were doing their thing, I had a cup'a coffee or 3 - while I was in there Claudelle was spiffyin up the place - I struck up a conservation with her - had already noted her as I roam around a bit, always busy, I complemented her on the job she was doin keeping things clean/orderly, we visited more....quite a nice individual as well!!! I never see a frown on any employee face, any I ask question gave me a answer and very pleasant - Eddie, Nicole, Claudelle one's I visit most, therefore forming a good opinion IMO - come time to get with Nicole, that gal a pleasant suprise as well, with same traits as Eddie, and I enjoyed her and all the help she provided as well ! I had hoped to trade with Javelina due to having a good friend in Junction Tx that I often go see , and Javelina not that much further and a good road trip for me - The dealership, IMO due to the folks that work there, as well the inventory, parts, shop,I would recommend to anyone n- sadly those I rode with back in the day have all quit riding - my son is my best friend, and he rides a street glide as well, and enjoys the harley dealer he trades with - the world has passed my by in all the technology I struggle with the survey Harley sent, then found this, which is more user friendly to me - Thank you for your time (Employee: Claudelle Leveille, Eddie Perez, Nicole Milnes)
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Mike Alfaro
I bought my first Harley and I was nervous so I took the Safety class they have at the Dealership. From the moment you walk in to the Dealership you feel like part of the family! I've been in others around san antonio and did not get the greeting I received when I walked through the door. The class was amazing exceeded my expectations. I didn't plan on buying a Bike but Roland and the crew gave me such a great deal and no pressure that I couldn't resist. If you are in the Market and want honest up front pricing and great experience, see Roland and the crew at Javelina Harley-Davidson. (Employee: Roland Villanueva)
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Sergio Bazan
badass bikes. badass staff. badass experience. couldnt complain on how easy and quick it was to take driving course and find my bike. (Employee: Randall Dooley)
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Randall was patient with us and helped us make correct choice. (Employee: Randall Dooley)
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Christopher Deluca
I come into the showroom not seeing the bike I'm looking for, a Road Glide ST. Randall walks up, extends his hand, and in a firm grip says, I'd like to earn your business. Randall did just that. In very short order, was able to find the bike I wanted, he also introduced me to the service team so I could meet who would be working on the bike when needed. Fantastic service from Javelina Harley for many years, and this new purchase experience was no different. I was made to feel like I'm important and not only purchasing a motorcycle, but buying into a support system. (Employee: Randall Dooley)
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Doug Hearn
I kept this bike in outside storage for a couple of years. It was filthy dirty with dust and grime in every corner and dull chrome. Shredder and Mitch did one helluva job making this bike look like it just rolled off of the showroom floor. You can tell they take a lot of pride in their work. Thanks a million guys. (Employee: Shredder Valdez)
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William Durand
I have always received outstanding service from Andrew AJ Ross. Hes very meticulous, detail oriented, and takes a great deal of pride in his work. (Employee: Andrew Ross)